what is a float tank?

A float tank, or as it’s sometimes called, isolation tank, allows you to float in around 30cm of water which is constantly heated to your skin's temperature, and contains 350kg of Epsom (Magnesium) Salt. Our float tank is proudly Australian made to the highest standard of quality.

From the in-tank light and call button as well as speaker system, to the filtration system which is operated in between every float, you can rest assured that you will feel comfortable, safe and secure in your floating environment.


what is floating?

Floatation Therapy is essentially a way of achieving deep relaxation by spending an hour or more lying quietly in darkness suspended in a warm solution of Epson Salt. Scientists estimate that up to 90% of the brain’s normal workload is occupied with routine environmental stimulation – the combined effects of gravity, temperature, touch, light and sound on the muscles, nervous system and sensory organs of the body. The float tank screens these external physical stimuli, creating a pure state of ‘sensory’ relaxation. Under these unique conditions your body has a chance to restore its natural powers of self-regulation, while you simply lie back and rediscover the latent abilities of a deeply relaxed mind.

Some liken being in the tank to being back in the womb or in a safe little cocoon or a mind floating in outer space. It is one place on the planet where you can truly rest your mind & body. With no pressure on any of your muscles; no distractions for your senses you can completely switch off & relax.

How do I know the water is clean?

At Sionna Float, we adhere to an extremely strict set of testing protocols,  Shannon is also a qualified Pool Plant Operator. Although the high (40%) salt concentration alone will kill almost everything, we diligently test, filter and sterilise the water in the tank after each and every use. Our specially designed filters are capable of screening the water down to as little as 1 micron (100th the size of a hair).

Finally, all guests are required to shower thoroughly immediately prior to floating. This is an incredibly important part of maintaining the cleanliness of the tank. (Please do not skip this step, and now you know about it, know that there's no need to shower before coming for your float, as you will be having one here anyway!)

Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulphate. It is very different from sea salt or table salt which is mainly Sodium Chloride. Epsom Salt has been used for centuries to treat skin complaints and assists the body in detoxification. It is non-toxic, although it has an unpleasant salty taste.

We use it for two main reasons. Firstly it raises the density making it much easier to float. Secondly it softens your skin. The one downfall of using Epsom Salt is that it does cause the inside of the tank to become very slippery – so please be very careful as you get in and out of the tank.

What is Epsom Salt and why is it used?

It is completely safe to fall asleep (many people do) and impossible to drown. The water is shallow (only 30cm deep) and is much denser than ordinary water due to the high concentration of salt. Because of the buoyancy of the water, you simply cannot sink, and about 1/3 of the body (including the mouth, nose and eyes) stays above the water line – a lot higher than if you were floating in a pool. You float on your back with absolutely no effort and there is no tendency to roll over. At the end of the session the music will come on and wake you peacefully. And if you are in a really deep sleep, the water will start circulating 2 mins after the end of the session. So you can focus on letting go. It may be just what your body needs.

What if I fall asleep? Can I drown?

Is it private?

Floating is a very private experience. The flotation tank is housed in our beautiful blue float room.  At this stage the shower and toilet are located a short walk from the float room.  On arrival you will be shown the float room, the bathroom and what to do, you can lock the door to the bathroom and the float room. You shower before entering the tank and then again after your float to remove the salt solution, a robe is supplied to move between the two areas. Most people don’t wear anything when they float – just think of the tank as a big bathtub.

Will I have enough air?

Yes, of course. You can slide the door open or closed.

No, the tank is heated all the time. The temperature of the water feels warm when you get in, but in fact it is at normal skin temperature, and this is exactly right for floating for a long time. The correct temperature is important for feeling comfortable and relaxed for an hour or so.  The float room temperature can be a little cooler depending on the outdoor temperature - just think of it like a Japanese spa!  Great for the circulation.


Will I get cold, like staying too long in a bath?

Are there any negative side-effects?

Some first-time floaters can emerge from the tank feeling slightly nauseous, which is usually a result of built-up stress leaving the body. Because of its non-invasive and weightless nature, floating is one of the safest activities you can enjoy.

If it’s serious — floatation might not be for you. Everything is under your control. You can get in and out as you wish. If you are brave enough to turn off the light – it becomes an infinite space. Many people who initially express a fear of small spaces feel much better once they know they control the entire process. Their fears subside and the vast majority will go on to close the door and turn off the light! 

Just remember:

  • if you want to stop you can do so at anytime!
  • you control the lighting and music
  • you open and close the door easily as you wish
  • you are always in control of the environment.

What if I'm claustrophobic?