The benefits of floating for body and mind are amazing.  Your experience will be unique to you.  It’s best to enter with no expectations and just go with the flow.  

You will require 2 - 3 towels, a pair of thongs and toiletries. 
Towel 1 is for your first shower and to dry off completely when leaving the tank. This allows us to keep the spread of salt to a minimum.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Towels 2 and 3 are for your final shower - for your body and hair.


  • Be welcomed by Sionna Float staff (and our very friendly dog GT).
  • Enter float room for a tour and short info session;
    • Location of client light and music volume in tank
    • Location of hooks to hang towel 1 and robe
    • Instructions for entering tank, floating and departing tank


  • Enter the bathroom;
    • Go to the loo
    • Have a quick shower;  shampoo your hair and wash your body with body wash/soap to enter the tank fresh and clean
    • Dry off with towel 1, put on your robe and thongs and walk to the float room. 
  • Please take towel 1 with you to the float room.
  • You can leave your clothes, gear and towels 2 and 3 in bathroom if you wish.

  • Enter float room and FLOAT!
  • Place ear plugs in
  • Use vaseline/spray on skin to cover any cuts
  • Hang up towel and robe on hooks provided near tank entry
  • Enter tank slowly
  • Sit down, slide door closed (if you wish)
  • When entering use hand towel provided to wipe ceiling of tank to remove condensation and avoid drips
  • Place towel to side and lay back
  • You can open and close the door whenever required
  • You are in control of music volume and light
  • We will play music for the first 10 minutes of your float to help you settle in
  • The music will turn on in the last 7 minutes to let you know your float is coming to an end


after your float

  • Please stand up slowly and wipe of any excess salty water before stepping out of the tank
  • Dry off completely with towel 1
  • Put on your robes and thongs and make your way to the bathroom
  • Shower; wash your hair and body.  Please keep shower time to a minimum as we are conscious of conserving water and energy.
  • Get dressed, wrap your hair in towel 3 and if you wish head back to the float room for water, tea and time to sit and reflect.

Music - we can play the music for your entire float if you like. 

You can even provide the music prior to your float if you wish.

Ask our friendly staff if you have any other questions.

Other things to consider